Freedom beyond acting
Project Overview
Artists impress levels of strength through their most influential expressions.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This campaign intends to solidify Studio Courtier's launching with unique expressions from our founding members through stories.
My Role
Creative & Artistic Director
Founding Members of Studio Courtier
What is A New Era?
It is the formal assertion of new beginnings. It is formed in the structure of three different expressions that bring fulfillment and empowerment to both the artist and its audience.
This concept taps into the roots of influences that allow our featured artists to express themselves in their own authentic way. 
Why Did I Choose It?
As a creative, I was drawn to capturing the different versions of ourselves when we're put into spaces that bring us vulnerability, joy, and power. It forces us to think outside the box and expand our comfort zone which in turn allows us to capture something magical and authentic.
Discover + Research
Primary Research
The three essential questions in the development process:
How does it fit into the cultural narrative?
What are you trying to say?
What do you stand for?​​​​​​​

The Primary Goal
This is all about authenticity. All different expressions are original stories that showcase the individuality of our featured artists.
Ideate + Develop
Texture and color resulted in giving the aesthetic that identified the theme for the shoot. 
The location, an interior or exterior, added dimension and composition, and accessories were used only to compliment and support the story. Once everything was finalized and approved, a more comprehensive story developed.
Deliver + Implement
Marketing Objectives
The primary goal is to hit our marketing objectives in order to accomplish effective conversions.

Diversity/Education/Capture Attention/Brand Affinity
Story 1: Empowered
Story 2: Romantic
Story 3: Edgy
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